What to do when friendships fade: Making peace and moving on
“BFF”. It’s a term we throw around a lot to our nearest and dearest pals, buddies, friends, mates and amigos. For many of us, we can be ‘all in’ on our platonic relationships and as dedicated and committed to them as we might be a lover. So, it comes as no surprise when we start to feel a drifting, or even a ghosting, from a friend that the pain and heartbreak feels so real. Because it is!

Friendship break ups can be confusing, emotional and damaging if we don’t look out for ourselves and be gentle in how we heal and deal. In this video I’ll share what has helped me roll with the changes and emotions that bubble up when friendships take an unexpected turn. Is this something you have experienced? Meet me in the comments if you would like my help to help you navigate your way.

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