The Significance of Friendship For Your KidsPeople have different conception about the meaning of friendship in their life. Some of them consider it as a very important aspect in their life and some other consider it merely as a useful way in socialization learning process. Both of the conceptions are correct, but there is a fact about it that should be understood by people, especially parents. Friendship has a great significance for kids.

Since human are social being, they need to relate with other people. However, people also need a learning process to learn communicate and relate to other people. This learning process has been started from the early age. Babies try to tell what they want to their mothers by crying. When they are getting older, they begin to speak what they want. Therefore, family is the first place of an individual to in learning to be a part of a small society.

When they are reaching their playing age, kids need to know the bigger society outside their family. Therefore, they should start to know other people by learning to make friend. Parents could bring their kids to playgroup, amusement park, Sunday school or any places where their kids could find other children to be their friend. Therefore, they could make friend and learn how to be a part of bigger society.

In this point, friendship has a very great function for kids. The relationship in their friendship will be totally different with the relationship they have in their family. Meanwhile, friendship requires them to meet people with different characteristics that they might never know before. Therefore, they need to adapt with those different characteristics to maintain their friendship relation.

With all of the adaptation process, your kids get a lot of helps to grow up socially and emotionally. They will learn a lot of things in friendship, such as about take and give or about compromise and share. Friendship also will teach them the way to make decisions and the way to solve problems. The different background of their friends also helps them to understand that people might see something in different point of view. Therefore, they are also learning how to respect different opinion and point of view through friendship.

Furthermore, friendship helps your children to have good self-esteem. They will find that their friend will give them comfort and better feeling when they are facing difficult situation. Having some problems such as attending new school or losing pets will not be something very bad when they have friends to talk to and to be depended on for moral support.

Therefore, friendship is also useful to develop the psyche of your children healthy. Having a lot of friends or having some close friends will help them have better self-esteem, experience less social problems, and feel sense of wellbeing. You can easily find that children that have less friends have different social behavior than children with more friends. Children with fewer friends tend to feel lonely, have social problem such as become the victims of teasing. In serious cases, these problems could lead depression or even suicide in their teens.

Therefore, support your children to make friend with more people and do not forget to monitor them. They still need your guidance to know more about different social environment as well as to choose the proper one for them.

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