A Valuable Gift of GodFriendship- What does it mean to human life in the 21st century? Is it only a source to dawdle around? Or we still strongly feel likewise with our mother or brother. Bitter but true that we are losing this treasured gift of God and egotism has taken its place. In the race for money, status, and self-esteem, we forgot what asset we are losing. Accordingly, we are in search of friends who can match up with our standard and can be a part of our posh society. Ask following questions to yourself while proceeding for a relation.

Is Your Friendship only a status symbol?

  1. Friendship is a valuable treasure offered by God to mankind. Search for true love should be the target rather than making someone a status symbol. One should opt his/her friend leaving behind the facts of prosperity, caste, and physical appearances. Be aware, Friendship meant for status cannot last for long and expectations changes periodically.

Does your friend stand by you in all situations?

  1. This is the only relationship one can choose on his own. We have no hold on our blood relation but can opt our friends as per our own wish. Then why not to take advantage of this freedom and chose the one who understands your heart and stand by you in odd situations as well. No matter which caste and status he or she belongs but important is his or her presence in all circumstances.

Are you enjoying your relations?

  1. “Is there a relation where I am not supposed to fulfill my duties as a daughter, mother or wife and can be what I am”- Ask yourself. Your answer should be “yes”. Yes, I can live for myself with my friends and here I need not wear faces. Here I would be accepted with all my shortcomings and faults and would not be asked to alter myself. But it needs confidence and trust to say this “Yes”.

Do you understand and care for his/her needs?

  1. Friendship relation is affection and sacrifice dipped in the sweetness of trust. Here the guidance doesn’t smell of selfishness and conspiracy. He or she makes you realize your importance, self-respect and how much a person loves you around. But Vice versa you should be caring and affectionate for him or her. It’s quite important for the person to be aware of your attitude and feelings for him. This will make him more confident towards your relationship and feelings will emerge directly from the heart.

What is more important – Ego or friendship?

  1. It’s your responsibility to save this significant relation and not to lose it by your foolish ego. Being true to your friend keeps him in confidence and strengthens your relationship. Let him feel your presence and importance in messed up situations. You are important but you have to make him realize that he is also as much important as you are to him. There may be situations where your ego becomes a hurdle in your relation. In those conditions, you need to decide what is more important and what is going support you long.

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